Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Easily Transfer Files From Phone To PC Using SHAREit

I could remember back then in early 2000, when it normally takes almost the whole day to transfer song a five minutes mp3 track using infrared or Bluetooth 1.0. Then Chinco phones came and made Bluetooth file transfer easier and faster. But the need for transferring a large amount of files at ease and within a short period of time was not met. So most people employed the use of USB cables which solved the issue but only for a small amount of time.

Now there are Android powered smartphones everywhere and there is an increased need for fast transfer of file. Though this need has already been met in Android phones, as users can easily share a large amount of within themselves using apps like Xender, FlashShare, etc. But little or no attention has been paid to users who wish to transfer from their smartphones to their PC. But today I am going to introduce SHAREit, which is a cross-platform app which have always been solving my need for transferring files from PC to smartphones and vise-Versa.

Shareit was made by Lenovo group and it has been around since 2014 or thereabout. Many of us are already using it to transfer large files between their phones and smartphones, while some are still unaware of this wonderful app. It uses your device Wi-Fi to create a hotspot connection which enables both devices to stay in sync, accept or send files at ease.
Easily Transfer Files From Phone To PC Using SHAREit
You can easily share files such as music, video, images, PC software and even Android apps. 

It doesn't use your internet connection or data subscription to work. It can transfer a huge amount of files in just a matter of seconds.

Even when a receiver doesn't have the app, you can easily share it through the app itself, so as to facilitate fast sharing.

This app can be used by anyone, all you have to do is to download it in correspondence of your device.

For Android users, download it from Here
For PC users, download SHAREit from here
And for iPhone users, you can easily get it from here

Important Note:    do not update this App both on your smartphone or your PC.

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