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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Drop Your Blog URL For Free Review and Back To Back Organic Traffic

Starting up a blog and getting a custom domain name associated to it is the easy part. But where most bloggers face challenges is having someone by their side, someone to guide them and tell them what to do and what not to do. Someone to give them a quick or in-depth review of their blog, tell them where they got right and where they got it wrong.
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So we at techvillz understands these difficulties and the challenges faced by beginners, and have mapped out this Easter holiday period to run a review on your blog and advice you on some areas that needs to be improved. Please note that this service is free and is only limited to this festive period. After the stipulated time has elapsed, anyone that wishes to get his or her blog reviewed will have to pay a stipulated amount of money.

The service might be free of charge but there are there are terms you must meet.

1.    This service is free, no one is charging you a dime.

2.    It is for both new and old members. 

3.    I am not here to give you a dofollow backlink to your blog, so please do not leave a clickable link of here blog here.

4.    You can either comment with your Google ID or as an anonymous user, but don't forget to leave an inactive URL of your blog. 

5.    Blog reviews will be done on first come first serve basis.

6.    Don't go to any of our social media handles, or send an email requesting a review or ask a question regarding a problem you are having with your blog.

7.    All problems and the proffered solutions will be made public for everyone so that users who are having the same problem will learn too.

8.    If you are also having issues with your Adsense earnings and ads placements, feel free to comment and leave your challenges.

9.    We are all here to learn and assist one another, so feel free to answer any question dropped by another person, provided you have the answer.

10.   We wish you all a wonderful Easter celebrations.

If you missed our Techvillz Blogger Giveaway, this is another opportunity for you to grab and probably tell others about your blog and what is all about.

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  1. Here's my URL for review

    1. Wizdom you blog has good loading speed, and our pages are properly placed. But you should change your post title font style, use more professional and official looking font styles. But make sure to use internal google fonts, as font externally hosted fonts will decrease your blog loading speed

      Since you are running a news blog, 15 posts on the homepage isn't much, but you might consider increasing it as the number of your articles increases.

  2. Replies
    1. Harrison your blog page placements are good, but your Javascript and gadget placements arent so great.

      For instance, the ads you placed at the head of your homepage isn't good. It blocks the whole header.

      your blog designs and font are wonderful, keep it up.

      Use justify alignments in your posts body, just as the same way you used it on your bio that appears below posts.

      Generally, your blog template needs more tweaking and editing. Kindly specify the areas you still need assistance

  3. Replies
    1. Nice entertainment and news blog you have there, with Adsense banner ads and matched content neatly placed.

      However, you might consider reducing the overall size of the flex slider.

      And since you have adsense and matched contents, I suggest you add Google's custom search and link it to your adsense account, so as to get revenues when a users willingly or unwillingly uses the search button of your website.

      Kindly notify if you will be intrested to learn how to go about it.

  4. Replies
    1. Winny your blog is nice for start. But here are few more things you can do to improve it:

      Increase your blog width a little more

      Do something about your post font style. I prefer Arial or Trebuchet.

      Never use externally hosted fonts, because it'll reduce your blog speed

      Re-arrange your main menu navigation.

      Your button menu navigation menus are well arranged

      Use justify Alignment while making your posts

    2. How do I re arrange my blog main menu navigation,, and wat do u mean by use justify alignment... And what's wrong with my blog font style.... Thanks

    3. your font size is small... make sure you use 14px as your font size.

      Then change your font style to either Arial or Trebuchet.

      I see you've increased the width.. that's good.. keep it up

  5. Hello Felix...I can't find your static pages..

    About, Contact us, Terms and Privacy Policy, Disclaimer. Google will need those things in other to give you adsense approval.

    Your font style and font size are good. Start using justify alignment while making new posts. It makes them to look neat and catchy to the eye

    The number of picture you are to use in a post should depend on what the contents of that post is all about

    Make your site Logo and the slogan below it to be a little more readable

    Good work in overal..

  6. Replies
    1. this is wonderful coming from a lady... I am impressed with your commitments and zeal to learn blogging.

      everything checks out ok except your pages,,,

      include terms and privacy policy

      add disclaimer..

      then make sure you get a good number of backlinks from reputable websites, and then apply for adsense, you'll be approved

    2. Wow, thanks for the advice techvillz, but didn't you see disclaimer in my blog? or is that one i wrote not good, plz throw more light to me on that. plz....

  7. Here's My Blog..

    1. I am impressed with you work Jalil.. and your contents, you seem to already graduated... keep it up and aslo strive to become better everyday

  8. my blog is
    Please review it and tell me why adsense did not approve my blog

    1. check the response mail they sent you. Reason for not accepting you into the adsense program will be stated there

    2. Ok what do i need to fix in your own perspective.

    3. I need to see what they said on the reply. But generally, Not having enough contents or your site not meeting with webmasters guidelines are 2 most reasons Google disapprove Adsense application

    4. Currently my site is still under review and is more than 3 weeks now they said they will email me when everything is ready.

    5. We're working on connecting your site.
      This usually takes up to 3 days, but in some cases it can take a bit longer. We'll email you when everything’s ready.

      That is the message on my adsense account.

    6. you have to link your adsense to your blogger account and the re-apply. Adsense doesn't take that ong before you get a response from them

    7. Can i give you my details so that you log into my blogger account and check it?

    8. send it using the contact form on the homepage

  9. your design on is ok. But your keywords are missing.
    Just make grate and engaging contents and soon you shall be eliible for monitization

    1. Thank you, the keywords you mean is it the content?

    2. yes, in contents and on your blog as a whole...

  10. Kindly please review my website


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