Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Double Your iPhone’s Charging Speed by Following These 4 Simple Tips

There has been several reports, emails, and queries from readers asking why their iPhone battery doesn't last up yo their expectation. Or their iPhone takes like forever to charge up to max level. Unfortunately, I do not have any remedy to your iPhone battery that doesn't last long. If your device is still under warranty, I suggest to take it to the nearest apple store. However, there are several simple tips which I will be laying down for you. Apply them and you will see some difference in your battery's overall performance.
make iPhone charge faster
So how do you supercharge your iPhone and make it charge faster?

1.    Activate Low Power Mode
Low Power Mode will shut down any background functions, processes and apps that are consuming your power juice supply, meaning your phone will store more power while plugged in. Activate low power mode by going to the battery option under the settings menu and observe your screen’s energy consumption will decrease drastically. 

2.    Disable Push Notifications:
Push notifications are the little icons and messages which your phone displays on its lock screen whenever you get a text or an update. Switching these off while you’re plugged in will help to keep power to a minimum, preventing your phone screen from flashing up and eating power. You can always check your phone for new notifications and alerts anytime 

3.    Activate Flight Mode When Necessary:
Flight mode disables all incoming and outgoing radio connections. Though I wouldn't recommend you activating this feature when you are expecting an important call, text or email, but it might interest to know that activating flight mode while charging your iPhone will boost the charging speed.

how to make iPhone charge faster

4.    Always Make Use of Appropriate Charger:
Using a more powerful charger and a recommended charger for your device will leave your phone fully charged in less time. iPad chargers actually have a higher power output than iPhone chargers and charge ports on your computer, so will boost your battery at a greater speed. But you should be informed that continuous use of this method will put extra strain on your phone’s battery, which risks longer-term damage.

Employ these simple tips and watch some improvements in your iPhone's battery longevity and overall performance. But if the battery issue continues, I strong recommend you check in your iPhone at the nearest care center.

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