Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Doppeltng Doubles Your Donation Within 55 Minutes to 7 days.

Doppelt is a German term for means "Double" that's what is all about. The site was formed by Two Economists who studied the devastating effect of poverty and financial crisis then decided to come up with the plan to raise a standard scheme to help reduce/stop this problem., Doppeltng, doubleitng,

The goal is to Erase poverty and Lack of finance, put a smile on your face by paying you, and also double of your capital within 55 (fifty-five) minutes to 7 (seven) days. All this can be achieved if you do not engage in any dubious act while using the platform.

Several packages have been put in place for you to choose from, they are:

1.    Gold - donate ₦10,000 to get ₦20,000
2.    Silver - donate ₦20,000 to get ₦40,000
3.    Diamond - donate 50,000 to get ₦100,000 
4.    Platinium - donate 100,000 to get ₦200,000.

Several features of includes:
==>>    Active support response 24 hours

==>>    High ultra power server capable of taking above 5,000,000 participants.

==>>    High-end application power.

==>>    Hit and Run is check-mated

==>>    Recycling is encouraged.

==>>    Super speed auto-matching technology

==>>    Instant Provide and Get help.

==>>    Anti-scammers.

==>>    Anti-cyberbeggars.

==>>    Active purge/remove button

==>>    Standby contact form that you can use anytime to quickly resolve any issue.

==>>    Fast response from support.

And lastly, 2:1 Matrix on every Package.

To get started with double your capital on Doppeltng, visit

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  1. this is seven days since I made my donation n nothing yet,worst part is the admin's number is suddenly nt going true any more,pls I whld Like if someone can jst say something so I knw were I stnd

    1. sorry about that, but we are not affiliated with any donation site. Anybody that registers with of these ponzi sites are doing so at his/her own detriment


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