Be Informed And Earn: Follow This Guide And Get Your Barter Virtual Card, For Swift International Transaction

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Follow This Guide And Get Your Barter Virtual Card, For Swift International Transaction

The $100 restriction placed by the CBN on Nigerian debit cards is a huge hindrance for most folks who perform an online international transaction. But this Get Barter Virtual Card will not only lift the restriction, it will also eliminate the CBN charges and rates. Meaning that you can pay for your goods and items that are sold in USD or any other currency unit and be charged in naira without any other extra charges.
how to Get Barter Virtual Card
 This virtual card can be used to perform variety of international online transaction like 
1.    Renewing your domain and hosting plans.

2.    Making purchases on several international market stores. 

3.    Developers can use this to pay for their hosting and cloud storages

It also comes with several interesting features that display the daily market exchange rate, so you don't have to be always making constant inquiries on the prices of exchange rates. With barter virtual card, you don't have to worry about the CBN monthly limits of 100 dollars anymore. To get started, just follow these simple steps, and don't forget to tell us where you gets stuck and you will be assisted.

1.    Visit and click on signup. (you can do this on any platform, but I'd personally prefer using a PC)
get barter master card
2.    Fill out the form with your correct details and then choose a verification method which would be via phone or email.

3.    A verification code will be sent to you, so use it to verify and activate your account and then the signup process is completed.

4.    You will be taken to your wallet where you will have to fund your barter wallet account. 
how to fund your brater wallet

5.    Chose your currency unit (for instance NGN for Nigerians) then choose from the list of available options, the means through which you choose to fund your account. Once your wallet is funded, click on the "+virtual card" as seen on your dashboard to create your virtual master card. virtual Master Card is brought to you by Flutterwave platform. It is dollar-denominated virtual Mastercard that can be funded with Naira, Ghanaian Cedis, Kenyan Shillings, and lastly United States Dollar. Your virtual account can be used to easily make payments on any site or platform where MasterCards are accepted. Below is a 20 seconds video illutration of virtual master card.

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  1. I've tried many times to fund the wallet with Diamond Bank Visa Debit card, doing everything correctly, but it wasn't successful at all,always returned with the message "declined". What could be wrong?

    1. It is from your bank. Diamond bank generally has this card issue. I suggest you use another bank if you have.

      I funded mine with GTB and a colleague of mine funded hers with Zennith (both are master cards and they both went through swiftly

  2. I was looking for a solution for this limitations and I stumble upon this it was so good, not only I can use the virtual cc to buy more than $100 but I can as well use it to verify my Paypal were I can buy and receive funds with ease..
    Thanks khey


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