Be Informed And Earn: 3 Simple Tips To Stop Your Smartphone From Overheating

Thursday, July 13, 2017

3 Simple Tips To Stop Your Smartphone From Overheating

We are in the era of technology advancement, where every aspect of our life is digitalized and monetized. Several clerks have lost their jobs because their bosses and madams can now do with their smartphones what they pay their secretaries and clerks monthly salary to do.

As of today, there are millions of Android-powered smartphones in the market with different specs and features. And all of them primarily does the same job which is to answer and receive phone calls and text messages. Other secondary functions include browsing the internet, chatting, playing song, games or videos, snapping and recording pictures, videos, etc.

how to stop my phone from heating up
I am sure that lots of Android phone users have experienced their phone temperature increasing and getting hotter, sometimes while they are browsing the internet or chatting with it, or while playing a game, or while doing one thing or the other with their phones. When this happens, the phone becomes unstable and unusable at the moment, and the user is forced to drop the phone or even dismantle the battery until the gets cooler. 

Some people were so unfortunate that they got severely or minorly injured with their phones, while some like in the news were electrocuted. So in this article, I am going to be sharing with you some proven and simple strategies you van employ to reduce your phone's hotness and keep it at a room temperature always. But before I fo that, kindly check out this article on the Top 4 Most Battery Draining Apps In Android Smartphones.

How to reduce your phone's hotness includes:
1.    Do not use your high-speed internet connectivity feature always. If your phone comes with 3G, H+ or even 4GLTE, do not enable them always. These features will make your internet connectivity to be faster than usual, but it also drains a huge percentage of your battery as well. And once your battery discharges irregularly, your phone gets heated.

2.    Turn off any unused app(s):    Allowing apps to run in the background will also add more stress to your phone's processors and when they try yo keep those apps running, the battery bears the burden and this gets your phone heated up.

Several phones now come with auto task killer which closes an app that has been minimized for up to 30 minutes. But to improve your phone's performance, save battery life and prevent it from heating up, always close every app after using it.

3.    Off your internet connection when not in use:    This is the part where most smartphone users are guilty of, especially the ladies. Keeping your data connection active while you have finished making use of your smartphone, is like leaving your car engine running after parking the vehicle. It is so wrong to keep your data connection after making use of it, and it is worst to have your data connection active and put the phone inside your bag or pocket.

The device will be struggling to get the signal to stay active, just in the case of trying to close someone's nostrils, he or she will be struggling to get air, and wouldn't rest.

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Finally, some will claim that installing third-party battery apps like Du Battery saver or Cool master for Android users will cool off your battery. But I do not agree, Becuase those apps will be taking their own memory and battery power to be running. Thereby making your phone heat up.

The best practice you can employ is these ones listed above. Try it and see how your phone's temperature will always calm down and your battery life will extend and last longer.

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  1. What of iPhone? any solution to hotness?

    1. You can always go through diagnostics and see the apps that are malfunctioning

  2. Does this mean I shouldn't use 4G or H+ anymore?

    1. No, you can only be using the 4G or H+ only when you wish to download or stream online. For chatting or other misc. activities can work very well on edge


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