Thursday, March 16, 2017

You Can Now Send Money With Gmail App

Google is working on making things easy for everyone. From making Google search for everyone to making Google Assistant just for you. However, it's already possible to send money to someone on Google Wallet through Gmail on Desktop. Now, the feature has finally arrived in mobile devices (Android only)

how to send money with Gmail app

The best part is that the recipient doesn't need to have a Gmail account before they can be able to receive funds. The money can be transferred from a Gmail account straight to the bank account. 

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The sender just has to tap the attach button, and then from the list options, choose the money sign. Type in the amount you wish to send and tap on continue. Then in the next screen, type your memo, (Optional) and press done. The money will be forwarded just like the same way an email message will be sent, and the receiver will get a credit alert notification.

On getting to the recipient's Gmail inbox, he/she will have to claim the money. Sending Money via Gmail is free of charge on both sides, but unfortunately, this feature is exclusive to only United States users (for now)

For the US the only restriction, I do not guarantee if using a VPN will do any good...

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