Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Xenophonia: Send MTN and DSTV Back Where They Came From

The recent killings of Nigerians in South Africa have raised some serious eyebrows in Nigeria. A few hours ago, a Nigerian delegate was sent to South-Africa to delegate with her officials on how best to resolve the issue amicably before it escalates. 

Senator Olusola Adeyeye, chief whip of the senate-house while expressing his feelings said with the increasing rate of xenophobic attacks in South Africa, the time might have come for Nigeria to send South African owned companies, (MTN and DStv), parking. According to Senator Adeyeye, it is not a crime for Nigerians to go to South Africa and succeed as South Africans and their companies are in Nigeria making three times of what Nigerians might be making in South Africa.

 Senator Olusola Adeyeye

"The largest University in South Africa had an open interview for its Vice Chancellor in 1996. A Nigerian came first and as given the job. Is it a crime to excel to the extent that in an open interview that was televised? At the same time, two other Nigerians were Vice Chancellors in South African Universities.  

I can understand how this might brew animosity and resentment but let us remind South Africa that the most prosperous Nations of the world are the ones who open their arms, doors, and hearts to talents from all over the world. Let us remind South Africans that for every penny a Nigerian makes in South Africa, South Africans are making multiples of that in Nigeria. MTN belongs to South Africa. Maybe South Africa would force Nigeria to send MTN going. DSTV belongs to South Africa. Maybe we can now put pressure for DSTV to go. After all, many times, MTN would drop your line. 

You would send a text, and it would not be delivered. We used to have UTC, Leventis, and Kingsway until Shoprite from South Africa. Maybe it is time for Shoprite to go. But I don't want that. I honestly don't want that. I want an open society that welcomes all, but I also want that those we welcome must treat us with dignity, must treat us with respect and must treat us with the traditional humans that Africans are known for" he said

What do you think will happen if this issue isn't resolved and things get worse? Imagine MTN and DSTV stop functioning in Nigeria, what do you think will happen? 

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