Wednesday, March 1, 2017 is a Fake Ponzi Scheme!!!

When the purpose of a thing is unknown, the abuse they say is inevitable. The current economic state of the country is highly unfavorable to the masses. And some people have vowed to use this opportunity to scam and steal money from unwitting individuals.

fake ponzi scheme

This afternoon I got a call from one of my coursemates asking if I invested with I answered no, and then I enquired why she was asking, after which she narrated how she registered and PH, then she tried logging into her account again with winnerspay only yo find out that the domain has been sold and is no more.
It was later learned that the people behind the scheme have created an algorithm that made every new member that registered to pay into their account numbers, and below are the screenshots she shared

winners pay is a scam

winners pay is a scam

Please, dear friends and reader, share this to all the contacts of yours and save someone from falling a victim.

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