Tuesday, March 7, 2017

WealthEmpire Tripples Your Deposit in 7 Days

WealthEmpire.org, another powerful peer-to-peer donation platform just went live less than an hour ago. There isn't much about them yet, but just like other Ponzi sites which we've seen, WealthEmpire possesses some unique feature which distinguishes it from the rest. Some unique features of WealthEmpire include;

Wealthempire p2p

==>>>    A  1:3 Matrix payment for all her participants.

==>>>    A 4 payment package which are
a)      Kickstarter (N10,000 to get N30,000)
b)      Optimizer (N20,000 to get N60,000)
c)      Maximizer (N50,000 to get N150,000)
d)      Bulldozzer (N100,000 to get N300,000)

==>>>    A 10 Hour time frame for payment(s) to be made

==>>>    A unique auto-blocking and re-matching if payment for failing to make payments within 10 hours.

==>>>    Uploading of Proof f Payment

==>>>    Active support system which is available to both old and new members for clearing any issues that arise in the course of using the system.

==>>>    Does not need a referral and doesn't give guider benefits.

==>>>    Well secured database for users.

==>>>    A time frame of a day to 1week to enable stability and longevity of the system.

==>>>    An auto-permanent blocking feature for any user that tries to upload a fake proof of payment.

WealthEmpire has the sole aim of staying for years, and add values to the lives of her member. Modalities have been put in place to ensure sustainability and longevity of the system.

To get started, log on to www.wealthempire.org

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