Wednesday, March 22, 2017 gives Your 200% on Every Investment

Tradegenius247, world's first automatic p2p fund rotation platform where you can make guaranteed200% of your money back. The authors of the system have taken  a great deal time to research and find a sustainable way of getting an improved and reliable system, in other to help Nigerians attain True and legitimate financial freedom.

Services available, as well as features of Tradegenius247, includes
 ==>>    A 200% increase of your money in hours and you can PH and GH in either Cash or BITCOINS.

 ==>>    24/7 website security by a Foreign-based Cyber-security company.

 ==>>    PH in Bitcoin eliminates the problem of FAKE POP (Proof of Payment) AND LATE/DELAYED CONFIRMATION

 ==>>    Auto notification via emails 

 ==>>    2 hours grace to PH

 ==>>    INSTANT Fake Proof of Payment alert button

 ==>>    You can PH in naira r in BTC (Bitcoin)

 ==>>    Round the clock active support crew and support services. etc

Othe miscellaneous features of Tradegenius247 are
1.    Inability of any blocked number/account from entering into the system

2.    Bonus of payout enabled NGN 100,000  after a participant completes a total of 50 referrals

Available Packages are: 

NAIRA                BTC

#20,000              $20 

#50,000              $50

#100,000            $100

#200,000            $200
As you know, Cryptocurrency is the future of money, and TBC (The Billion Coin) is one of the most viable cryptocurrencies in the world right now. It increases in value from 1-5% on a daily basis. A tiny portion of TBC you acquire today can make you a millionaire in 6months. AND with Tradegenius247, you get N50,000 WORTH of TBC, AFTER CYCLING OUT 10 TIMES

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