Tuesday, March 14, 2017

SolidTrust.org.ng Pays You Double in 5-7 Working Days

SolidTrust.org.ng is not a hit-and-run system, so if you're a go-getter, looking for quick cash, SolidTrust is not for you. The sad truth is that several Nigerians have lost a fortune to fraudulent Ponzi schemes, but the most melancholic truth is that some Nigerians also contribute to these unfavorable experiences. The developers and admins of SolidTrust have indeed created a WorldClass peer-to-peer Donation forum, by combining technology and economic strategies.

How does it work?
SolidTrust rewards her users with doubLe of their investments, within 5-7 days, and in some cases less. 3 solid, trusted packages have been put in place, and they are following:
A)    Basic License - 10k to get 20k
B)    Regular License - 20k to get 40k
C)    Standard License - 50k to get 100k. 
All of these packages comes with automatic pairing feature

Your are to choose a package and of your choice and sign uo with it. After which you only have 6 hours to make payment and get confirmed. Another amazing thing is that with SolidTrust, you can extend the 6hours time limit, based on your agreement with the person you are supposed to pay.

Other Features of SolidTrust includes:
==>>>   Automatic pairing

==>>  24/7 online support, via wb chat and social media platforms.

==>>   There is no PURGE Button- It is too risky; rather the payer has 6 hours to complete the payment - Which is extendable by another 12hours  or be banned. 

To get started, visit www.SolidTrust.org.ng. Don't forget to share your testimonies afterward

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