Friday, March 10, 2017 Pays You X2 Of Your Deposit in 7 Days

It is true that some of the Ponzi schemes in Nigeria have scammed several people. Some invested without getting the amount they were promised, thus labeling that particular Ponzi site as a scam. But the sad truth is that some users will register with a particular Ponzi site, then get merged to pay someone, after which they (the new member) uploads a fake proof of payment to the system. And afterward, when they are cut and penalized, they will go around saying that they have been scammed. This was the exact thing that happened on pays, you double of whatever you PH withing 7 days by merging you with 2 new members who will pay in the same amount into your bank account. When you sign up, donate the sum depending on what package you wish - N20,000, N50,000, N100,000 or N200,000 to a fellow member assigned to you by the system after which the recipient will then confirm your donation. Two new members will be merged with you to pay the same amount within the course of 7days.

Your Cycle ends after you have received the donations from 2 new members, but you can choose to recycle and start afresh, or you decide to go with another package. You can also invite someone by registering them or them registering with your referral link, and get a referral bonus of N15,000 for each member you invited. is easy to use and navigate both on PC and mobile, and it also accepts multiple registrations. Visit to register and get started

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