Wednesday, March 22, 2017 Promises to Help You Recover All The Money You Lost to Fake Ponzi is asking all Nigerians to invest in their scheme without any doubt and promises to help Nigerians recover every penny they lost to Loopers, Noble payers, MMM, and even from any of the fake Ponzi.

Several people lost money to many give schemes in Nigeria, and all this is because MMM started out and was doing fine before the unspeakable happened. Paidme which just went live a few hours ago claims to be the best donation platform Nigerians has ever seen.

They offer several packages which gives you 200% returns within 3 minutes to 48 hours. The packages available at include:
1.    Opals - Donate N20,000 and receive 200% in 3 minutes  to 48hrs.
2.    Pearls - Donate N50,000 and receive 200% in 3 minutes to 48hrs.
3.    Ruby - Donate N100,000 and receive 200% in 3 minutes to 48hrs.
4.    Saphire - Donate N250,000 and receive 200% in 3 minutes to 48hrs.
5.    Diamond - Donate N500,000 and receive 200% in 3 minutes to 48hrs, which was just added by 11am today.

Other features of paidme247 are;
1.  Admins are not just here to milk people, they PH before they GH.
2.  They only pay bonuses to participants who refer people to the platform. Hence, no guiders/managers.
3.   We promote the platform ourselves, not just relying on members.
4.  We have 24/7 fast support Team.
5.  There is no downtime on the website
6.    You have only three hours to PH, etc.

To register, visit

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