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Ever Wondered Why Bluetooth is Called Bluetooth? Here is the Origin of Bluetooth

Many people in the world today make daily use of a Bluetooth enabled device to do one thing or the other every day. Some use it to play songs via mp3, some use it to share files and documents, while in some cases, several people works are mostly dependent on having a Bluetooth connection. Many people use Bluetooth to achieve a variety of goals, and it is safe to say that not up to one-third of all the people that uses the time immemorial connectivity actually knows a thing bout how it all started off or how the name came to be.

who invented Bluetooth?

There are tons of stories regarding how several known brands and technology we use today like Windows, Python, Java, Adobe, Linux, etc., got their names, but today we will focusing on the name Bluetooth and how it came to be. But first, we will begin from what we know so far about Bluetooth, then to what we don't know.

A Bluetooth is a low-cost radio signal communication technology. Its primary purpose or use is to allow a short distance wireless connection (networking) between compatible devices like phones, computers, and/other electronic devices. A Bluetooth device makes use of radio waves that is generated through the combined works of a small chip, a radio, and software. It was designed to support the networking of portable devices that are powered by batteries. The funny thing is that once a network (connection) is established between different compatible Bluetooth devices, one device acts as a master (Sender) while others act as slaves (Receivers).

So How Did The Name Bluetooth Came To Be?
According to archives, the name Bluetooth is linked to a medieval Scandinavian king whose nickname was blátǫnn in Old Norse or Blåtand in Danish.  The king was named Bluetooth because he had a dead tooth that looked blue colour.

How Did The JestName of a King Become A Standard Technology Name and Brand?
Twenty-one (21) years ago (which is in 1996), giant tech companies like Intel, Nokia, and Ericsson were attempting to make their devices to be able to emit a short-range radio signals. Intel was working on a program called Business-RF; Ericsson was working on MC-Link; while Nokia was working on Low Power RF. All of these programs were handled by different entities, but the goal was virtually the same. It was evident that having a single short-range standard would be much better than having 3 or more competing standards. So, these companies merged their resources together and created the Special Interest Group (SIG) for developing a universal standard.

During the Summer of 1997, Intel’s Jim Kardach went to a pub with Ericsson’s Sven Mattisson. There, they started talking about history, and Mattison mentioned a book he had recently finished reading. The book was called The Longships, and it was about the reign of Danish King Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson. After this meeting, Kardach went home and read a book named The Vikings. In that book, he learned more about the king Bluetooth and how he united Scandinavia.

Later, Intel’s Jim Kardach proposed that SIG should be called by the codenamed Bluetooth. “Bluetooth was borrowed from the 10th century, second King of Denmark, King Harald Bluetooth; who was famous for uniting Scandinavia just as we intended to unite the PC and cellular industries with a short-range wireless link,” he wrote in a column a decade later. And so, from being just a codename, it made an instant hit in the marketing group, and it was never changed till date.

How Did Bluetooth Get Its Logo?

origin of Bluetooth

Later, after the codename made a significant market hit, the team (Nokia, Intel, and Ericson) again looked at its Nordic origins. The iconic Bluetooth logo is a combination of King Bluetooth’s initials (Hagall (ᚼ) and Bjarkan (ᛒ)) in The Younger Futhark, also called Scandinavian runes. It’s a runic alphabet in use from the 9th century.

I am confident that most of us have searched the internet on several occasions with any of these terms: What is the origin of Bluetooth? How did Bluetooth started? Who invented Bluetooth? How did Bluetooth get its name? etc. Well, I do sincerely hope that this short time history lesson has thought us a few things, and probably answer part of our question(s).

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