Wednesday, March 8, 2017

MytrsutFund is Set To Reward With 100% of Your Investment Tomorrow which is another Ponzi site that is currently making waves in anticipation is all set to reward you with 100% of whatever you deposit. The website will go live tomorrow at exactly 10 o'clock am tomorrow being 9th of March 2017.

Besides getting a hundred percent of your deposit, mytrustfund comes with several other features such as 
*A Dedicated Server

* Automatic Button

* Purge/Report Button

* Active support like no other

* 12hrsPayment Duration

* 4hrsPurge Button Appears

* Recycles within 5hrs after GETTING HELP

* Referral Bonus

* Referral Big winner of the week.

* Lots of other freebies

* Active Online Marketers to expand the Community                                        

* Massive Advertisement for Sustainability of the Community                                  

* Close connections between Participants and the Admin

Mytrustfund has several packages hat ranges in different amounts, such as  
Starter-N10,000 to get N20,000, 
Premium-N20,000 to Get N40,000 
Pro-N50,000 to get N100,000 
Ultimate-N100,000 to get 200,000 and
King-N200,000 to N400,000 respectively.

Keep a date with tomorrow with mytrustfund as they go live by 10am. Visit to get started

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