Monday, March 6, 2017

Monthly Data Review: Cheapest Data in The Month of March

It is very sad that most fellows still pay a lot to get connected to the web for one reason or him other. This high expenses can easily be averted if you're well informed about the right information on the best and most affordable data plans that will suit your schedule. Here on, we do review the available data plans in Nigeria on a monthly basis and help you stay informed with the right information on the cheapest and most suitable data plans. Without taking more time, let us quickly get into it.

Etisalat NG still remains the only Internet service provider in Nigeria with the strongest bandwidth. However, the cost of their data plans can be said to be high, compare to that of those of their contemporaries. So in other to minimize the high cost, Etisalat NG last week unveiled a Night-plan which I would say is suitable for heavy downloaders. To activate the night-plan, simply migrate to Easy-Clique and then dial *229*10*10# to activate it.
Alternatively, you can opt for buying Etisalat data from third party resellers as low as 500mb for 500naira and 1GB for 800naira. Contact

Nothing much s left to be said about the South African Mobile Telephone Company, other than their Night Plan of 500MB for N25 still rocks. To get started, Send Night to 131 to activate the plan. Usable Between 12:00am to 4:00am. (Exclusive to MTN iPulse users). MTN still offer their regular data subscription of 1.5gb for 1k and is valid for 30days, usable on any internet enabled device 24/7. Besides the Xenophobia attacks which might lead MTN's extinction in Nigeria, I'd say they have no issues. 

There are also trusted MTN third party data resellers that give you 1GB MTN data at 800naira and 2GB at 1300.

GLO calls themselves the Baba of data, and that is only because you can get 3.2GB GLO data for as low as 1k. Get 12GB data plus 278mb as a bonus for 3k. But truthfully, GLO is undoubtedly the most sluggish network in Nigeria regarding internet speed. However, some do claim that GLO is super-fast with 4G, but unfortunately, not all of us reside in places where GLO 4GLTE exists. You can check this article here, to check if your location is eligible for GLO 4G. And if you live in any of the south-eastern states, you can check the post here, to see if Glo 4G is live in your location. To get started with any of the GLO data plans, dial *777# and follow the prompt.

Airtel seems to be the only network that still loves BlackBerry users, as they are still the only Nigerian ISP that offers BlackBerry data plan subscription services. However, if you don't own a blackberry phone, you can follow this guide here, and learn how to activate Airtel Blackberry plan on Android phone. Which goes for 3GB at 1k.

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