Friday, March 31, 2017

Maxtopia Gives You 100% Return of Your Deposit in 7 Days is a reputable platform that improves the lives of Nigerians through transparent community donation activities. It combines the age-long practices of Ajo/Esusu/traditional thrifts with crowdfunding technique to enable members of her community to achieve their dreams.

Powered by cutting edge technology, dedicated and experienced support team, Maxtopia allows members to raise the money they seek for any business or project. It is a transparent, member to member donation platform that enables you to raise the money that you need for your business and personal needs.

Maxtopia accommodates professionals, entrepreneurs, students and even the presently unemployed who are able to make use of the Internet or who do have siblings and relatives to help them out with the use of it. There are NO discriminations on Maxtopia: A community brand name that stands for 'Maximum Utopia,' where Utopia means 'the land where every dream comes true.’ May all our dreams come true!

How Works
There are three Donation Plans on Maxtopia: N10,000, N20,000, and N40,000. These plans are carefully put in place to enable fair participation and sustainability of the platform.

Maxtopia's unique phrases include:

Make Donation - MD - To make donations to other participants. 
Request Donation - RD - To receive donations from other participants.

Start Benefitting from the Community:

Make one or more MD requests indicating the amount you want to donate.

Wait patiently till you are matched with a participant that needs your donation.

When you are matched with a participant, make your donation promptly and upload your proof of payment.

Contact your donation recipient to confirm your payment on their dashboard as soon as they receive your payment.

Wait for a locking period of seven (7) days to allow your money yield its 100% returns at approximately 14.29% daily.

Request for a donation of your money and the 100% yield on it after the seventh day.

Share the testimony, utilize your donations prudently and re-donate to grow the Maxtopia community. Visit to register

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