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Several Tips To Enable Your iPhone Charge Faster & Save Battery Life/Capacity

One of the greatest dilemma faced by most smartphone users today is the battery capacity and longevity. The issue of short lasting battery power was most experienced when Blackberry was the most popular and widely recognized phone brand/model in the smartphone world. Then the popularity of iPhone and Android grew over time, and many users dumped their blackberry phone for either iPhone or Android. Tho the both OS offered a longer lifespan and battery capacity, the problem of smartphone battery is still felt in most countries, even in the first world countries.
tips for charging your iPhone as fast as possible, iPhone charging tips
However, most Android phone now comes with an inbuilt in fast charging feature, which boosts up the speed at which the smartphone battery is charged, with this fast charge feature, you could charge your Android smartphone from zero to eighty percent in just a matter minutes. But because of the vulnerability of Android, most users were forced to switch to iPhone, thereby, became left out in enjoying some other cool and amazing features which are now built into the Android OS. So if you are reading this and you own an iPhone, apply these simple but proven tips to increase the battery life and its lifespan in general.

1.    Do Not Use or Stop Using Your Computer:
This act of using laptops or desktops to charge phone batteries are mostly found within college kids, where everyone owns a fancy laptop or iPhone, with their hands glued on the keypads. Charging your iPhone battery from a USB port of a laptop not only shortens its lifespan it also affects the overall speed of the phone as well. So if you wish to charge your iPhone faster, then you need to stop using your laptop to charge your phone.

tips for charging your iPhone as fast as possible, iPhone charging tips

2.    Turn On Your iPhone's Airplane Mode:
Enabling the airplane mode of any communication just means to turn off its essential functions while the device is still up. Turning on the airplane mode disables or halts the transmission of any form of wireless signals like cellular data, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi in or out of the device.

3.    Disable Some Heavy Battery Using Apps:
While you are charging your iPhone, you can lessen its burden by going to the battery menu in Settings and disable some heavy apps like location and GPS. You can also turn off your phone's display, quit streaming for the time being. In general, always monitor your iPhone's battery statistics and disable those apps that take up more battery juice.

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4.    It'd Be Nice To Take Off The Phone Case:
I know you'd be surprised and are already wondering how a phon's flip or cover case can affect the speed at which an iPhone battery charges. Let me explain, most smartphones today (if not all) are made with Li (Lithium) battery, and these batteries are extremely delicate and sensible to heat. So if you're using a case cover that fits or tights up your phone closely, Apple recommends that you remove the case just for the time the phone is charging, to avoid increasing the temperature battery which will happen, because, the phone isn't getting enough air. So loosen that tightly fitted case from the phone before charging the battery, and always keep the battery at room temperature.

5.    Always Clear The Charging Port:
Sometimes, we eat a snack or drink coffee with our phones or even put it in the pocket that is filled with crumbs. These little pieces of clothes, or dust or even food surprisingly find their way into the charging port of the iPhone. When this happens, it is your duty to always clear the charger USB port using either a paper clip, or a toothpick, or a needle but with the most gentle touch, so as to not inflict any damage.

tips for charging your iPhone as fast as possible, iPhone charging tips

6.    Avoid Using Counterfeit Accessories (Charger, etc.):
Having a slow charging phone is better than having an exploded one. You need to be extremely careful in choosing the accessories you use on your iPhone.There are several cheap iPhone chargers out there but in stores and online. Always look out and examine carefully while making the purchase. iPhone accessories manufacturers like AmazonBasics, Anker, and Monoprice, are the most trusted dealers you can always buy from, but the downside is that they cost a little extra price, but your safety is really worth the extra price. Be sure to confirm the  Apple's Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod (MFi) certification, which will be in the pack.

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