Thursday, March 2, 2017

Just Launched:, a Unique p2p Community!

The fact that several people died on the way while attempting to trek from here to London doesn't really mean that someone hasn't trekked from here to London and lived to tell the story. What am I trying to say? Despite the fact that Nigeria is currently in a bad economic shape, and several greedy minds are using it to feed on innocent and unwitting citizens using fake Ponzi schemes. Does not mean there aren't some Ponzi sites that actually adds value to your life.

That been said,, a Unique peer2peer community, the first of its kind donation forum of its kind just launched. Agatefunds doesn't need referrals, just register, make your payment and then wait for 24 hours to get paid in 100%.

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With, every investment is rewarded 100%. For instance, 
10k to get 20k
20k to get 40k
50k to get 100k
100k to get 200k
200k to get 400k

Other features of agatefunds include;
==>>>   No referrals

==>>>   The site is protected with Anti-Cyber Bagger System

==>>>   A dedicated 100% uptime server

==>>>   24/7 online support

==>>>   Designed and managed by IT professionals who knows what they are doing.

==>>>   Loads faster both on mobile and PC

==>>>   Finally, your investment(s) is 100% secured, and you will get paid in twice fold by the next 24hours after you PH

To register, visit

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