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How To Reset Windows 10 Password

We've talked about several PC tricks and troubleshooting tips, like reducing web browser ram usage, making your Windows 10 look like XP, Creating a Wifi Hotspot with your PC and so many others. Several days ago we talked about resetting your Windows 10 password in any case you get locked out and promised to drop an alternative method on how to achieve the same goal, in case the first tutorial didn't work out for you.

reset windows 10 password

There are several ways one can reset his/her password, and we've already talked about the first alternative which is by the use of CMD prompt. But today we'll be talking about another which is by the use of Using iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Tool.

The name sounds rather funny, trust me I know, but it sure comes in handy when the needs arise. The tool works efficiently and helps to reset your Windows login password. You might be wondering how this can be done, since the PC is already locked, and it is virtually impossible to install the utility software.

The answer to your question is that you don't need to install the software for you to use it. All you need is a USB Driver with at least 1GB capacity (A blank CD or DVD will do if a USB is unavailable). A Windows PC or laptop which is accessible and the iSeePassword Recovery Software. If you have these 3 things, then let's get started.

How To Use iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Tool To Reset Windows Password.
1.    Use the other Windows PC that you have which is unlocked and Download and Install Windows Password Recovery. 

iSeePassword- windows 10 password reset

2.   Insert your USB drive to the other PC where you have downloaded and installed the program. Launch the program, from the drop-down list, choose USB drive. Click “Burn USB” and It will write ISO image to your USB drive then display a message “Burning is done successfully After successful burning. Please note that USB drive will be formatted during this process, so backup any file(s) you don not wish to lose.

iSeePassword- windows 10 password reset

3.    By now, your locked PC should be turned off, then insert the USB drive and boot up the PC. Press the Function key in accordance to PC which will make the PC to boot from the USB drive. HP uses f9, Dell-f12, Toshiba-f2 or etc. And so on.

4.    If you get everything right, your PC should now boot from the USB, and the program will start up by itself.

5.    When the program starts, choose your Windows OS,  Choose the target user you wish to reset the password, Click “Reset Password” button and reboot your system Reboot your PC if it didn't reboot by itself when the process is completed.

iSeePassword- windows 10 password reset

6.    Now make your PC to boot from your hard drive and then you won't 

Pros And Cons:
A.    iSeePassword - Windows 10 password reset tool is a great and easy too to use. Compare to the first alternative which is by the use of Command Prompt. Anybody with basic computer knowledge, and knows how to move the mouse and click a few buttons can use get done with reset their Windows password.

B.    It works with almost all versions of Windows, not just Windows 10 only. As you see from the screenshot, I used Windows 8.1 Pro as my case study

C.    The downside is the program is a trial version. You can only use it to find the accounts on locked PC, and won't reset. To reset the password, you will need to register the program and buy the full version.

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