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How To Recover/Reset Your Windows 10 Login Password

Losing your password(s) or forgetting them do happens to us every once in a while. And this is because we now have several electronic gadget we use on a daily basis so it can be quite a piece of work to carry all of their passwords off head, especially if they are not the same, which by the way, is a terrible thing to do.

So if you get locked out of your Windows 10 PC, do not panic, there are several things you can do to quickly get back in. The luckiest part of it is that Windows isn't so locked up as Kali Linux, if resetting your Windows PC password will take you 1hour, the one of Kali Linux Might Take Forever. 

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Just following these simple steps to get back in. And pray that you still have your installation Media CD or USB thumb drive because they will come very much in handy. These are several ways to reset Windows 10 password

1.   By using your Installation Media:    Windows 10 media CD isn't only used for installing a fresh Windows or enabling .NetFrame Work 3.5. It can also be used to reset your Windows PC password in any event you get locked out. However, you will need to punch in a few lines of command to get this done. To reset your password using your Windows Installation Media:
===>>>>    Insert your Windows 10 Installation Disk on your computer then shut it down.

===>>>>    Boot up the PC again then select the PC to boot from CD. When the PC boots from installation media, click on “Repair Your Computer” instead of going to the option that says Install Windows.”

===>>>>    Select the option “Command Prompt” to launch the command prompt window. (if you still can't do all these, follow these guidelines Here, then apply the knowledge)

How To Recover/Reset Your Windows 10 Login Password

First of all, you will have to back up the previous sticky key file by typing the following command – copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\

===>>>>    The backup should be successfully completed and it'll say 1 file (s) copied. Now type in the following command to copy the executable (cmd.exe) on the top of sticky keys – copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe

===>>>>    It should display the same message again, (1 file (s) copied.) Now reboot the PC.

===>>>>    On the login screen, press the “Shift” button five times (This will activate an elevated command prompt ).

===>>>>    Just type this command- net user ____ MyNewPassword to reset the password and replace the password and user with any combination you wish.
In my the coming articles, we will discuss alternateive methods to reset and recorver your Windows 10 password without losing any files saved on your PC

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  1. Great tutorial! I usually used Hiren's BootCD which also includes built-in utility to reset lost Windows login:

    But this CD doesn't boot with UEFI mode.

    1. Yes Jerry... Hiren's BootCD is good as well, but unable to boot with UEFI mode is a some flaw, maybe in feature they'll fix it


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