Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How To Know if My Phone is 4G Enabled

4G is actually taking over 3G in the mobile phone world. Many ISP and OEM are no longer producing new phones and other gadgets without making it 4G enabled. So it is time for you to find out if that phone you are currently using or the one you are planning to get for your sibling(s) friends, colleagues or dear on(s) supports 4G.

How To Know if My Phone has 4G

Besides good battery life, crystal clear camera photos and videos, one of the things that contribute to a good user experience about a particular phone is a fast internet connection. Don't blame your device for been slower than the fattest snail, don't blame yourself either for buying a wrong phone or for the slow and annoying internet connection you have been experiencing. Rather blame it on information deficiency.

How to know if my phone supports 4G fast internet
to know if your phone supports 4G fast internet, or to know if that phone you wish to buy soonest supports 4G fast internet. Kindly comment the name and model of the phone in the comments box below. 

Comment either as an anonymous user or comment using your Blogger/Google profile and username. Just feel free to ask your questions.....

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