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Google Family Link Remotely Control Your Kids’ Android Phone

Google family link is another piece of technology unveiled by the mountain view technology giants. What it does is to basically give adults (Parents, Guardians, Elder siblings)  control over the phones of their kids, ward(s), younger siblings, and minors as a whole. This kinda work has been already seen by the likes of Luna launcher, it gives parents control over their children's smartphones and how they use it.
Google Family Link approval request
The job of raising a child doesn't only fall on the parents alone because kids of this age are becoming smarter than their age. Therefore, there is a need that all hands to be put on deck. A parent always worries about the safety and wellness of their children, especially now that these kids make use of several kinds of gadget in their daily lives.

Some parents take a wrong turn by isolating their children entirely from technology, without knowing that there are several ways to kill a rat. Instead of separating that child from technology, because you're worried and afraid he/she might get lost with it, use several means to monitor that child's online activities. 

For instance, DSTV comes with Parental Control, which lets parents and guardians to set up a master password and lock up every TV channel that isn't suitable for kids under 18.The same way, Google has invented their own piece of tech, in the form of an app. It is called Family Link

Google Family Links serves lots of purpose to parents and children in monitoring their child's or ward's online activities. So instead of cutting them off entirely from technology, which they need both for learning and as well as entertainment, you can give them both but with some limits.

Here is How Family Link Works
Family Link allows you to monitor the Android device activity of your kids and little ones. It enables you to see what apps they’re downloading from Google Play Store and also restrict them from downloading any unsafe one.

Google Family Link stats

Also, Family Link allows you to keep an eye on how much time they spend with their beloved digital friend. And gives you the ability to set the screen time limits. You can also your kids and little ones monthly and weekly activity stats.

Google Family Link bedtime set up

If your children and little ones spend so much time with their digital friend, Family Link will let you set a particular bedtime. When the bedtime reaches, the phone will automatically lock itself, forcing the kid to go to bed. Early to bed they say, is  Early to rise. So maybe your kid(s) is/are enjoying the phone, but the power is in your hands.

Like I said earlier, the job of raising up a child doesn't rest on the parents alone. And Google understood that very well and put in into consideration when making this app. Family Link doesn't end with setting a bedtime, or monitoring the Android device activity of your kids, etc. It also comes with a feature which allows parents to assign another family member the same controls for the kids’ account. So that they can assist them to do the parenting work when they are not within reach.

Also, Parents can do additional things like managing the SafeSearch settings, reviewing app permissions, and know their kid’s location, etc. with Family Link.

To set up the Family Link app, you are required to create a new Google account for your child (children) through the app on your device and use its credentials to sign-in on the kid’s Android phone or tablet. It is compatible with  Android KitKat 4.4 and above.

Unfortunately, The Family Link app currently limited to the United States. The Family Link program is strictly by invitation for parents with 13-year-old or younger kids. Google would push the app to the masses after gathering feedback from the users.

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