Be Informed And Earn: GNOME 3.24 Linux Desktop Environment Released Here Are It's New Features

Saturday, March 25, 2017

GNOME 3.24 Linux Desktop Environment Released Here Are It's New Features

GNU Network Object Model Environment, GNOME is one of the most popular desktops in Linux. Besides GNOME, there is variety of desktop environment any Linux user can choose from which includes, Kool Desktop Environment, (KDE), Cinnamon, MATE, Unity, etc. Having said that, GNOME Project just released the latest stable version of their open source desktop environment. GNOME 3.24, codenamed Portland, after several moths of development and tons of changes.

GNOME 3.24

GNOME 3.24 comes loaded with some new features and fixes which include Night Light, improved notifications, new Recipes and Games application, two GPU support, etc. I have already explored some features of the new GNOME 3.24 through the release note, and here are some features that I found most interesting:

1.    NightLight:    With the new version of GNOME, users no longer require a third-party app to change the screen color according to the current time of the day. The new NightLight with the right settings does that for you now.

GNOME 3.24 Linux desktop

2.    Improved Applications
Improvements came to some GNOME applications such as Calculator, Photos, Web, Games, Polari, Calendar, etc.

3.    New and Improved Recipes Application:
The GNOME community did/does an exquisite job with this one. The new GNOME 3.24 Linux Desktop Environment come with new Recipes app, which is loaded with recipes contributed by the GNOME community members. Also, it has lots of features for creating shopping lists, adding/editing recipes, taking care of quantities, etc.

4.    Dual Graphics Cards Support:
Besides, NightLight, improved recipes, and application, the new GNOME 3.24 also brings support for machines with dual (two) graphics cards. The app gives the user an option to choose a particular GPU while launching it.

5.     Improved Icons:
To make certain that the new GNOME 3.24 is a thing that meets the eyes, the makers packed it fully with lots of high-res icons. The icons have also been doubled from 256×256px to 512×512p. They are now more detailed and intricate.

GNOME 3.24 desktop environment

6.    Improvement Builder and Flatpak:
Developers weren't left out as the new GNOME 3.24 gets more interesting With Builder, which they can use Flatpack as a smooth and stable base for application development.

7.    Refined and Improved Notification:
A few changes were made to the notification area. Information about the weather has been incorporated into the notifications area. Also, users can now use it to view a simple summary of day’s weather. Missed alerts more understandable through the addition of relative timestamps.

More details of the new changes and features of the new GNOME 3.24 can be seen in the release notes.

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