Friday, March 31, 2017

GlobaFunding Has Been Reported By Several People to be Fake! Please Beware!!!

As much as I love to tell you guys about several Ponzi sites that just got launched, which will benefit all of us one way or the other, I also feel terrible when a reader sends me a mail to enquire about a particular Ponzi scheme which he or she must've registered with and is expecting payments but the story isn't the same again. That is why I take out time to visit other forums and media groups to get untethered information about which Ponzi site is real or not. And unfortunately, which went live not long ago has already been reported by some users to be a fake scheme.

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It has been reported that the site admin has done so tweaking to his auto merge algorithm, making the newly registered unwitting individuals to be merged with him.
If you type, it will take you to a different website. So the correct link is Please beware and inform others, save a brother or a sister from falling a victim and get scammed

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