Monday, March 27, 2017

ExpressPayusa is Fresh, It's Hot, Pays You 100% (x2) of Your Donation Less Than 72 hours.

Expresspayusa is fresh, it is hot, it the latest p2p donation platform that is trending now, with several confirmed proof of payments and recycling. You should note that Expresspayusa is not a bank, neither is it an investment company, or some get rich quick scheme. It is rather a community that is made up of people that understand it is more important to work together to beat the ‘unfair financial order' we experience in our world today, where only a few people enjoy and control the world's riches and wealth.

Simply put, it is just a platform that was created to connect donors and receivers together, so collectively that entrepreneurs could raise money for business start-ups, students could buy some textbooks and have an extra spare for their pockets, and the needy could become self-sufficient. At Expresspayusa, there isn't no central account where all payments are made. No admin fees or guider's bonuses. The scheme is rather transparent, and payments are carried out amongst the members by a robot system. 

Expresspayusa has achieved great success in the few countries where they are currently operational and sincerely hope we can replicate the same success in Nigeria.

Things and Features of Expresspayusa You Should Note:
==>>>>   Before you register on expresspayusa, please be sure you are ready to pay and as well be willing to make a transfer of the said amount to the matched user or be ready to visit the bank should in case you can't make a transfer. 

==>>>>   Once donation is made and confirmed

==>>>>   You will get 100% (x2) of your donation less than 72 hours.

==>>>> On any case you were not matched to receive payment after 72 hours, the system will refund your initial donation.  

Packages Available at ExpressPayusa and the amount of money to deposit includes

1.    Stater -  5,000

2.    Advance - 10,000

3.    Deluxe - 50,0000

4.    Premium - 100,000

5.    Gold - 200,000

All these packages come with  2:1 MATRIX, Auto Assign and Referral Bonus. To get started, visit

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