Thursday, March 30, 2017

Do You Think Price of Gadgets Will Come Down, Now Dollar Price is Falling?

The rapid increase of the dollar to naira exchange rate in the country really did a number on Nigerians. Many things including market activities became stagnant, little market sells, and a high cost of goods and services amongst many were the unpleasant experiences in Nigeria.

Do You Think Price of Gadgets Will Come Down, Now Dollar Price is Falling?

But the good news is that over this past week, Niara has been steadily gaining value against Dollar. As of today, AbokiFx states that dollar is traded for 375NGN, though it sold lower than thin in past 2 or 3 days.

So my question now is, Now that the price of the dollar seems to be decreasing, do you think the price of smartphones, other electronic gadgets, food items, the market price of goods and services drop too?. Not only that, but will our local banks also enable our Master Cards for an international transaction as well?

Because of the dollar price hike, banks had to limit international monthly limit sounding to 100usd, which without a doubt is very low. Even Access bank that maintained a monthly limit of 200usd had to reduce it down to 100usd. Internation buying and selling were practically impeded because of this situation.

I have my DOM account, and you can follow the link to learn what a Domiciliary Account is, as well as the benefits and how to open one for yourself. So that performing international transaction won't be a problem for you as it wasn't an issue for me. But I also had this need of transacting with local currencies, and the limits were of a great hindrance, and sincerely wished that the restrictions would be lifted asap.

AbokiFx dollar price exchange

This week, Dollar was sold at 370NGN for 1USD on the 27th, then 365NGN on 28th, 375NGN on the 29th and then 377NGN to 1USD as at today. Will it keep on falling? Or will it keep increasing? If it falls, will it lead to the fall of gadgets prices, food items, and general market prices?.

Or do you believe in what some people tag has whatever goes up in Nigeria never come down? What do you expect because Dollar will still fall?

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