Monday, June 19, 2017

Arduino Powered Smart Socks Can Help You Become A Pro Dancer

From a technology that tells you when your machine or equipment will break down, to the one that assists you like your real-time personal assistant, to an app that designs you a personalized dress. Now Pascal Ziegler (German) has made public, his own work which he's been cooking up for some time now for them dancers and aspiring pro dancers.
Pascal Ziegler Arduino Powered Smart
It might sound impossible, but believe it is real as it gets, a pair of woolen socks fitted motors can actually teach you how to dance and make you dance like a pro if you take it seriously. These socks were designed by Pascal Zeigler as a part of his Physical Computing course at Saarland University, in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany.

He made the socks for his physical computing course. It is packed with nothing that didn't come from planet earth, which inlcudes pressure sensors and vibration motors, a pair of Arduino Nano boards (one for each sock) and battery. The socks need his personalized Android to work. It measures the and sense the leg movements of the person wearing them, and assist them accordingly by providing vibration feedback at specific places on the feet. The socks can detect when a person is going out of rhythm and give negative feedback, like an electric shock (vibration).

Ziegler made this socks because he saw the difficulties and stress experienced by instructors, and their inability to reach and monitor each student individually. The amazing part is that Ziegler left instructions for anyone that wants to make their own pair of smart dancing socks at InstructablesWatch a 1 minute YouTube video he shared on how it works
Source:   Pascal Ziegler

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