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How to Add 728 by 90 Leaderboard Ad to Blogger Default Template

The 728 by 90 ad space can also be called the Leaderboard ad. Adverts placed here are by default, visible to every of your posts. It doesn't need special tweaking of conditional tags to become visible on every post. Once an advert is placed there, it will automatically appear on every post page.

how to add 728 by 90 adsense ad to awesome inc blogger default template
Now, the advantage of third-party custom made templates is that the leaderboard ad space is built with the template. Unlike Google default templates, this ad space is absent, and can only be added editing your HTML. Another great challenge is that it cannot be added by the use of HTML/JavaScript blogger gadget. If you attempt to add it with HTML/JavaScript blogger gadget, the ad MIGHT be visible, but the placement wouldn't give you that satisfaction you desire.

So you need to learn how to add the leaderboard as space using your HTML if you are a blogger using Awesome Inc blogger default template, and this tutorial is geared towards aiding you to achieve that. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps I am about to list below. To be on the safe side, backup your template before attempting this tweak, or you can always use the Undo Button 

1.    Go to your Adsense Account and create a new ad unit. Name the ad anything you want, as long as the name you are giving it will help you remember it in future. In my own case, I called mine Responsive large banner ad.

2.    Then in the size of the advert, Choose responsive. The aim of choosing responsive in lieu of 728 by 90 is to make the advert adapt to the available space both in length and in width. Choosing 728 by 90 will be good, but the placement might not give you exactly what you wanted especially when you view the ad on a mobile phone.

3.    After naming the ad and choosing responsive as the ad size, save the ad and get its code. Then go to Adsense code converter page to parse the ad.

4.    Now after parsing the ad, go to your blogger dashboard, navigate to Themes and click on edit HTML. 

Cross-Column 2

5.    Press Ctrl + F on your computer keyboard to open the search box, then in the search box, type Cross-Column 2 and press enter.

6.    Now, when you find Cross-Column 2 look closely below it, you will see these coded below:
    <div class='tabs-cap-bottom cap-bottom'>
      <div class='cap-left'/>
      <div class='cap-right'/>
Then after the last </div> add this code below:

<div align='center'>
              Place Your Adense Code Here

Now, replace Place Your Adsense Code Here with your own Adsense code and save your template. I have added a screenshot of my own below to give you more guide or clue of what you are to do. Click here to view the image in full and click here to download the code in txt note pad

how to add 728 by 90 adsense ad to awesome inc blogger default template, How to Add 728 by 90 Leaderboard Ad to Blogger Default Template

Once the ad is approved by Google, the advert will start showing on its own and can also be viewed on every post page of your blog. In my blog, I didn't parse the ad code before applying it, which means you too can add your as it is without parsing it. If you encounter any issue, simply add the 'async' quote to your advert code, so that it will look like this <script async='async' src='//pagead2.go.....

Adding 728 by 90 ad to blog can also increase your blog earning because it can be viewed anywhere your blog. Let us know if you encounter any difficulty the way and you will be assisted. Remember not to highlight empty spaces when copying the codes. Goodluck and cheers!!

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