Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Zorin OS Version 12.1 is Now Availble For Download

Zorin OS is one of the Linux Distro that can easily be used by any Linux user, be it an avid, enthusiast or an experienced user. Zorin OS spots some simple but fascinating features like those found on Microsoft's Windows 10, which makes it easy to be used even by someone who have no knowledge of Linux.

Zorin OS 12.1 download

The team behind Zorin OS, Team Zorin has released Zorin OS 12.1, which is  an updated version of Zorin OS 12 This new update version features an improved X Server, Linux kernel 4.8, and updated HWE stack with several other security fixes, the Zorin OS 12.1 also includes some visual change and updated versions of its pre-installed software packages. Zorin 12.1 is the first point release of the Ubuntu-based Linux distribution, Zorin 12 which was released towards the end of November 2016.

Zorin OS 12.1 download, Zorin OS 12.1new features

Whats New in Zorin 12.1
Zorin 12.1 comes with the same GNOME we saw on Zorin 12, major bug fixes and security patches, with several other under-the-hood updates. Just like Ubuntu 16.04.2, Zorin 12.1 also includes the Linux kernel 4.8 with an updated HWE stack and X server for improved hardware compatibility.

Zorin 12.1 download

How To Get Zorin 12.1
Zorin OS is available in Core, Ultimate, and Business Editions. Users who already have their machines running on Zorin OS 12, can simply navigate to Software Center and install the Zorin 12.1. 

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New users can also get the OS for themselves by following this link to download the 32-bit and 64-bit variants for each of the editions depending on their machine's architecture. Older machines with less than 2GB of RAM may only be compatible with the 32 bit version

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  1. I use Zorin 9 on several desktops and one laptop. my constant irritation is connecting to a wifi and/or USB modem to have the pop up list pop down behind the task bar having to move the task bar to the top. occasionally on booting up Zorin 9 the network icon is missing.
    yet my ask here is "what date does security updates and patches end"

    1. I am sorry about the connectivity issues you are facing.. I had the same ish with Kali. Checking out ZorinOS forum might be a good place to start (http://zoringroup.com/forum/) Cos I got solution on how to fix my Kali wifi issue at the Kali linux forum.

      As for the answer to your question about when security updates and patches ends checkout this article here on Zorin 12


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