Be Informed And Earn: You Can Now Pay For FaceBook Ads in Naira Using PayU NG

Monday, February 13, 2017

You Can Now Pay For FaceBook Ads in Naira Using PayU NG

PayU is one of the payment e-commerce payment systems that has been in existence in the country. They also exist in some other locations like Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. They exist with the sole aim of facilitating payments and transfer of funds from one point to another. And now, the good news is that the payment system has been integrated with Facebook. This means that You can now run Facebook Ads and they pay for your ad rates in Nigerian naira and kobo, instead of the merchant's currency which is US Dollars.

You Can Now Pay For FaceBook Ads in Naira Using PayU NG

This is indeed a good news follow for both old and new bloggers because there is no point of writing a great contents and publishing them on the web with no one or fewer people knowing about it. And truthfully, Facebook is a perfect ground where you can get your works easily seen and your words easily heard, because of the billions of daily active users around the world who make daily use of the giant social media platform to connect with things and people that matter to them.

Now, for anyone that wishes to run a Facebook ad, all you need is your Master Debit Card, Facebook Ads Account, some money in your bank account, internet connection and laptop. So if you previously tried to run a FaceBook ad and pay your advert dues in Naira, but the transaction was declined, just read these simple steps to get it done via PayU.

How Does This Work?
PayU accepts your adverts payment on behalf of Facebook, and then they will fund your Naira Facebook advert account. Then Facebook will deduct money from your Naira advert account which PayU has funded from the prepaid advert balance. I.e., if you pay N5,000 through PayU, N5,000 will be displayed as the balance of your Facebook ad account prepaid balance. You can also add more money the account at any time.

Your ad campaigns will be charged in Naira, and you can even set a daily budget as low as N300. So, if you've been paying like $0.01 per post engagement ab initio, Facebook might charge you as low as N3 per post engagement. So, you no longer have to assume you will be charged N315 per click or N490 per click.

You Can Now Pay For FaceBook Ads in Naira Using PayU NG

The best part I love most about this is that PayU not only accepts MasterCard. They accept Visa debit cards as well. Please note that an OTP (One-Time-Password) will be required if you want to use GTBank's Debit Mastercard to fund your Facebook advert account via PayU.

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