Friday, March 24, 2017

Which Ponzi Scheme is The Best In Nigeria?

Making money has been a thing that has been in existence since time immemorial. But in this digital age, the art of making money has gone from Analogue to digital. People now control a huge sum of money in numbers and figures and not in traditional physical cash. The entrance of MMM into Nigeria has actually made ways for several other people to start, develop and invest in Ponzi, and the current economic state of the country has caused Nigeria to become a fertile land for these schemes to thrive on.

So today we will be reviewing some of these p2p donations platforms, and a summary of how they work and then give you a chance o tell us which ones you have used or currently using. And your experience.

1.   Ultimate Cycler; -    Invest #12,500 and get 50k in return.

2.    Icharity; -    Invest 6k and get 30k in return

3.    Naracle; -    Invest 10k and get 300% of 10k

4.    SpeedOrbit; -    Invest 15k and get 200% of 15K

5.    Loppers

6.    Givers forum 

7.    NairaBoost

8.    Crowd Rising

9.    GetHelp WorldWide

10.    Twinkas

11.    NoblePayers

12.   MMM Nigeria

13.    Claritta


15.    e-Coperative, etc

There so many other schemes which various people are and have already invested in. Which one are you currently using? What are your experiences so far?

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