Monday, February 20, 2017

WhatsApp & Co. May Finally Be Barned In Nigeria

It has truly been an unpleasant experience for citizens and noncitizens of this great country. Day by day, the problem of economic recession seems to be on the increase, with the steady rise of market prices and commodities. However, several means has been adapted to fight the recession, but these solutions don't seem to be working. 

will telecoms block WhatsApp in Nigeria?

Sometime in late 2016, MTN NG urged Federal government to ban the activities and operations of several social media network in the country. Because these companies don't exist physically, and as such, they don't contribute to the economic development of the state. There was no verdict reached concerning the matter as of then, but latest report reaching us this morning claims that WhatsApp, Skype & Facebook Call will be banned and blocked in the country so as to Boost Revenue.

As of now, telecoms are crying out to the government because of the losses they have entertained because most of their customers now use the services of to social media apps like WhatsApp, FaceBook call, and Viber to make both local and international phone calls. Telecoms claims that if necessary actions are not taken, they may lose between twenty to thirty trillion nairas by the end of next year.  So blocking users from accessing and making use of these apps will force them to start patronizing the telecoms, and by that means they will recover their losses.

Simply put; if and when has actually taken effect, users of WhatsApp, FaceBook nd Viber will be prevented from performing certain functions with the apps, such as voice and video calls.

Telecoms operators in the country claim that the international calls of customers make up a critical part of their total revenue because of Nigeria’s large expatriate and Diaspora population. But as of now, subscribers have opted for the alternative to international calls by using the services of social media networks lie using Skype, WhatsApp call, Facebook Video calls, etc. and it is drastically affecting their revenue.

Do you think banning these social media companies will improve the income of these companies?

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