Friday, February 24, 2017

Here is Everything You Need To Know About the New WhatsApp Snapchat Clone Feature

Many of WhatApp users noticed some changes in the appearance and arrangement of their WhatsApp chat app today. Somewhere asking what it was, some were asking to know if other people noticed it as well. The answer to all that question is that WhatsApp finally pushed its new SnapChat feature to all their uses.

WhatsApp new SnapChat feature

For some time now, WhatsApp has been working on adding SnapChat's Status feature to the social media platform. This new feature will allow users to seamlessly share  multi-media files like photos, videos, and GIFs as your status (i.e. stories) but they will auto-destruct after 24 hours. This new feature was released to beta testers last week but was yesterday pushed to all users via OTA.

It also comes with a new privacy option which lets you choose who sees your status and who won't see it, which by default, only people saved in your contacts lists can view your Status, but there are more options in privacy which let you ad a little change to it. 

WhatsApp new SnapChat feature

The three available privacy options are;
My Contacts: Means that all of your WhatsApp contacts can view your Status.
My Contacts Except...: Select the people you don't want to show your Status to. This still shares your Status with the rest of your Contact list.
Only Share With..: Select only with the contacts you want to show your Status to.

Whatever changes you made to your privacy settings will take effect once you make new/further status updates.

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