Wednesday, July 5, 2017

4 Sure Tips To Identify A Fake Ponzi Scheme And Scammers

Are you looking for a way or signs that will tell you if a particular peer-to-peer forum is a fake one one, then this article is definitely for you. The idea of get 1naira to get 1million is plenty in the country now. Some individuals have seen it as an opportunity to exploit unwitting persons and scam them of any amount of money they can. So in this article, I am going to be reviewing some things that will help you know if a particular Ponzi is real or not. 

Ways to know fake ponzi schemes and scammers

1.    There is Nothing New About Them:    There are several Ponzi schemes out there, and they are all about investing a certain amount of money and then getting a higher percentage of it. So if you are about to register with any scheme, thoroughly check the features, there must be something new about it.

2.    No Support Team or Forum:    Another way to spot a fake Ponzi scheme is when it lacks support. This feature is very crucial because at the moment different users start coming in, there are bound to be people with less knowledge and experience about how the system works. And to show how real and dedicated they are to their course, the ought to put up some extra time to answer and questions and verify any issues, so as to carry all her members along.

3.    No Real Proof of Payment and Testimonials From People:   There is an adage which says, "A good market sells itself." Once somethings is good, there are bound to be testimonies from different people confirming it. This is one of the biggest things that distinguishes the real from the fakes. So before you register or make payments, make The First-Hand Confirmation from others about how real and legit the scheme is.

4.    Fake Ponzi Bears a lot in Common:    Because the authors of these fake schemes want to get rich quick and overnight, there are bound to be some lapses in their ways, works and modes of operation. For instance, same web designs and layouts, a similarity in their names. Furthermore,  they can just open a website (A), and when it collapses, they will just go ahead and make slight changes to the domain and then transfer the files and database of (website A) to something very similar to what they just dumped. This way, they can open several websites within a few days, and they are most likely related.

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Final Words: it is very common among people to tell lies and succeed in compelling others into joining a scheme, just by making them believe it is real. Someone will have the mind to tell you that he or she got paid by a so-so-so scheme last week, and when you make a detailed investigation about it, you will find out that the program was just launched today or yesterday.

There are some other ways to detect a fraudulent Ponzi scheme and the nefarious minds behind it. Always remember, “if it is too god to be true, that is because it is’!!!

Kindly share this to many contacts and social media platforms as much as you can. Help in the fight to reducing scams, you could be contributing to saving your friends, siblings, and pretty much anyone you care about from going through stories that touch the heart because he/she was scammed because of ponzi scam.

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