Be Informed And Earn: Video Of iPhone 7 Plus Burning Again

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Video Of iPhone 7 Plus Burning Again

I am surprised and still can't believe my eyes. My thoughts were by now, there will be no more cases of iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus explosions and fire incidents. I am sure that would be the same thoughts of Brianna Olivas, otherwise known as Bree. An 18-year-old college student in Tucson, Arizona.

iPhone 7 plus explode and caught fire

Bree shared a 21 second of her rose gold iPhone in a clear, melted plastic case sitting on a bathroom basin and billowing smoke. "I was so shocked because I didn't know how this could have happened," Olivas said. "My phone out of nowhere died," Olivas said. "I plugged it in and thought it was so weird because it took longer than usual to turn back on."

Olivas went further to say that she bought the rose gold, 128GB iPhone 7 Plus, with a clear plastic case, from Sprint on 4th of January and it didn't have any issues until earlier last week when the phone wouldn't turn on despite still having 56 percent battery left.

iPhone 7 plus explode and caught fire

Before now, there have been other reports of busted iPhones as well as Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Apple, when made known of the situation, spoke through a representative said that the company "is looking into it" and that it talked to Olivas at the Apple Store when she brought in the damaged iPhone.

Above is a 21 seconds video clip of the incident as recorded by Olivas' boyfriend

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