Be Informed And Earn: Top 10 Worst Passwords You Should Never Use

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Top 10 Worst Passwords You Should Never Use

A password is nothing but a combination of texts and characters which restrict unauthorized access. But in our digital society today, the big question we gotta ask ourselves every day is is anything really secured these days. Are our online accounts safe? Many areas of our lives are bein digitalized daily, I mean who would've thought of Android infotainment System, or Predictive Repair which is supposed to detect a fault in your systems before they actually happen? This is to show you how digitality is taking over.
Top ten Password you should never keep, top ten weakest password

In all these improvements and advancements, there is bound to be security and some set of boundaries, to minimize loss as well as abuse. However, some people care less about any of this, the use the same password for several accounts, ranging from social media accounts, bank passwords, phone password, email password, etc. Some or most of them know that this is not advised, but they still go ahead and use them anyway. So in this article, I am going to give you a list of worst and weakest passwords that most people use. It doesn't mean that these folks are dumb or anything, but they just didn't know that using a weak password isn't advised.

Top ten Password you should never keep, top ten weakest password

It has been warned severally to keep a secure password that is mixed with alphabets, numbers, and special characters. Cracking a simple password is a child’s play for, with the most common password dictionary you can find online, you can have unrestricted access to anyone's anything.

Your internet life is as important as your real one, and you're obliged to keep it safe and private because failing to do so will make your private life public. As funny as it may sound, most internet users still use 12345678 or 123456Seven as their password. Some cause their birth date and all. For you to pick a secure password, you have to sit down and think it through, never let one character repeat itself. Look at Pie (3.14....) throughout the first 10-20 characters, there is no repetition. Make your password as that of pie, but in your way, with your own characters.

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