Be Informed And Earn: Android Users, Beware of Quadrooter

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Android Users, Beware of Quadrooter

I am a very passionate lover of technology, everyday I strive to understand it, make good sense of it and also, how that knowledge can be applied for the betterment of mankind and make the world a better place for us all and it hurts me deeply when I see gifted minds who uses their knowledge to inflict harm on innocent individuals all in the name of technology advancement
QuadRooter Malware

Android is a really good an amazing operating system, but it is also an open source which makes it vulnerable to attack from many angles. Recently, a new flaw has come to light, but unlike Godless and HummingBad, this malware affects Qualcomm chipset android devices which include Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, Sony Xperia, One Plus 3, Moto Z-Droid, Asus, Microsoft Lumia, etc.

The good news is that for a user's phone to be attacked by this malware, he or she would have to be tricked into installing a malicious app onto their handset, as seen in the images below
QuadRooter Malware

QuadRooter Malware

and no special permissions are required to install it, and affected phones can be completely controlled by the nefarious hacker.

So far, there has been a reported cases of about 900 million smartphones already infected globally and the Qualcomm has been notified about the vulnerabilities. You can simply go to Google Playstore and download QuadRooter Scanner by Checkpoint technologies to check if your device has been infected already.
QuadRooter Malware QuadRooter Scanner

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