Be Informed And Earn: Panic Arises as Members of Where Unable To Login

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Panic Arises as Members of Where Unable To Login

It was a very unpleasant and uncomfortable Friday for almost every user out there as the popular Ponzi scheme which has been putting smiles on faces of Nigeria became inaccessible to almost everyone.

Claritta member login issues, claritta can't login

Many controversies arose as some people claimed that the Ponzi scheme has decided to shut down while owing payments to many people.

Some stayed positive and urged other members who were having issues as well not to panic yet because the site may be going through maintenance or upgrade.

As of today, 25th February 2016, there hasn't been any proof od a successful login and usage of the site from their members.

Are you a user? Have you been able to log in since yesterday till today? Please share your views with others

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