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How To Use The New Whatsapp Status SnapChat Features

Last week WhatsApp released the awaited snap chart story feature to its beta testers, and today, the upgrade was pushed automatically to almost every WhatsApp user. Many people must've noticed a change in the appearance of their WhatsApp interface, while some are still yet to notice it because they're still using an older version. So if you would like to experience what I'm talking about, just upgrade your WhatsApp to version 2.17.63

How to use whatsapp snapchat status feature

What Is WhatApp Status Snapchat Clone Feature?
It is the newest feature that was added to the latest version of WhatsApp. It allows users to easily share or add pictures, Gif Animations, and even Videos as your WhatsApp status. Instead of the regular texts like Available, Urgent calls only, Battery about to die, At School, At the Gym, etc. You can now upload an image or video as your status. 

To improve efficiency, WhatApp added a unique feature which makes every new status update you make to self-destructed after 24hours. Also, unlike Instagram and Snapchat, WhatsApp added an encryption and 3 privacy option which makes you be in charge of who can see your status, and who can't They are My Contacts, My Contacts Except and Only Share With.

How to use whatsapp snapchat status feature, whatsapp status privacy

How To Use The New Whatsapp Status SnapChat Features
Like I said earlier, WhatsApp-Snapchat feature allows users to upload images and videos as their status, bur there is more you can do, and they are;
Viewing a Status upload by your friend: by just opening the Status tab. Then a list of friends who have shared a Status will be displayed.

Touch the screen to pause a Status, thereby giving you more time to view the status upload, tap to skip through a Status, or swipe left to go to the next person with a recent status upload.

Swipe up on a status to send a  reply to the Status you are currently viewing.

The new WhatsApp Status feature includes all the familiar features of Snapchat and Instagram Stories such as stickers, text captions, drawings and so on Here's how to update your Status:

How to use whatsapp snapchat status feature
How to use whatsapp snapchat status feature

To add an image (Photo) or video to your WhatsApp Status, just open your WhatApp, then tap on the camera symbol. Snap a photo or record video, or pick one from your camera roll (Already saved gallery files). You can also draw, write and place emoji on the picture. 

There's also an option that lets you add a caption which will be displayed at the bottom of the picture or video as your contacts view it.

You can either send your Status directly to any of your WhatsApp friends, as a photo or video within a conversation thread, or you can tap My Status at the top of the list to update your Status for everyone in your contacts list to see.

How to use whatsapp snapchat status feature

Longer Video Viewing Time
Snapchat which invented this new status feature limited theirs to only 10 seconds, but the new WhatsApp status feature allows you to view a 45 seconds length video.

Support For GIF Images
Support for Gif or animated images is one of the newest features added to the app, and support for gif is still retained in the latest version 2.17.63 but a little something extra. You can upload gif images as your status and let people view it depending on your privacy settings.

Know Who's Seen Your Status
WhatsApp added a view counter at the bottom of your screen. It will show you how many people who have watched or looked at your status.

Take Screenshots:
So you seen a status shared by one of your contacts and you love it? Just go on and take a snapshot of it. However, WhatApp will not notify you when someone takes something you shared so in that case, you need to be cautious of what you share!!

This newest WhatApp feature is way cool, but it is unfortunate that after June 30th, WhatsApp will seize to work on blackberry phones and older Nokia phones, with older versions of Android. 

Have you seen the new features? Have you tried them so far? What is/are your view(s)?

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