Be Informed And Earn: How To Hide Your Phone Number While Sending SMS

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How To Hide Your Phone Number While Sending SMS

Ever wondered how you can hide your phone number from displaying whenever you attempt sending a text message to someone. I am not talking about the traditional #31# which will hide your phone number from showing on the phone of the person you are calling while displaying. 

how to hide phone number before sending text message

Now if you want to be anonymous when you send a text message to someone, then follow these simple steps.

1.    Let's say you want to send the text to 0803xxxxxxxx

2.    Open your text messages menu then navigate to settings. 

3.   Then go to Sending Profile and select the option that says "Send Sms As" to "Email."

4.   Now you'll be asked for the Sms Server, just type in that particular Phone number you're hiding your Identity from into Space, e.g.,. "0803xxxxxxxx", then Save and Activate it.

5.    Lastly, go ahead and Create New Sms, and send it, you will be asked for your email address, Put this without the bracket (PQR @ ABC) where 'PQR' & 'ABC' is anything you want to be seen by your Reciever. (You can as well write anything Inside, like your real Email Address).

6.    Send your text message once you're through. Your recipient will receive the message from "PQR @ ABC, " and your phone number won't be displayed.

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