Be Informed And Earn: This Is How Your Android Phone Pattern Lock Can Be Cracked In Just 5 Attempts

Thursday, February 9, 2017

This Is How Your Android Phone Pattern Lock Can Be Cracked In Just 5 Attempts

There are millions of Android phone users in the world today, more than they were in the last decade and more will be joining by the next 10 years. Some of these Android users are avid users, some are average users while some are just ordinary users who just make calls, chat, text and play candy crush with the Android phones. In all these users, there is always the need for privacy and protection. Therefore, most of these users use several measures to keep their phones protected from prying eyes.

Some use pin codes, some use passwords, some use pattern lock, while some go extra length of using third party apps to lock several things like the gallery, contacts, messages etc. Little do they know that once that particular app is disabled or force-stopped, the protected apps won't be so much protected again.

There is a new invention called Computer Vision, which when used properly, can give just about anyone, access to your Android phone. We all know that once an incorrect password, pin or pattern is entered in a locked Android phone, the phone get locked permanently and can only be unlocked via the owners G-Account. But in the case of computer vision, it only needs about 5 attempts to crack your phone's pattern, and it has a success rate of about 80%.

According to an article published on, computer vision is an algorithm developed by the researchers – from Lancaster University, Northwest University of China, and the University of Bath, England. It understands the movements of user’s fingers relative their in any of their attempts to unlock their phones. Afterward, it will analyze their finger movements and then decipher the phone's pattern and has about 60% success from the beta testing.

The attack can be done on any smartphone. Pattern locks are primarily used on the smartphones running the Android operating system. In the case of iOS devices, Pin lock is mostly used.

How Can I Protect Myself?
With the many cases of Ransomeware going around the web, Android as an OS is now facing more threats and vulnerability issues more now than before. This is because Android wasn't built with security in mind, sadly, it is the must vulnerable mobile OS there is.

The chances of Android users getting hacked gets increasing and increasing by day, but above all, there are several ways or attitudes you can employ so as to minimize your chances of getting hacked.

1.    Be mindful of sites you open and weblinks you open.
2.    Change your passwords regularly
3.    Use finger print scanner to put an extra layer of security to your phone
4.   Lastly, as surprising as this one may sound, use a less sophisticated pattern because, the algorithm finds it difficult to crack.  

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