Monday, February 27, 2017

How To Add Your Country's Flag To Your FaceBook Profile

Facebook today isn't what it was ten years ago. There have been several improvements and more exciting features like Shares, Emoji, Sticks, Likes, Mentions, etc. Now, Facebook wants to start what Google was doing a long time ago, by sharing their profits with you and allowing you to get paid by doing what you love with their platform.
facebook profile picture frame

Besides that, there are other new exciting features which Facebook has to offer, but before we go into that, let me quickly remind you that using the official Facebook app that has a blue F logo at the front to access Facebook is adding more loads to your smartphone's battery. You can save yourself some ram space and extra memory with some battery life by removing that FaceBook app and installing a Light-weight Facebook app like Maki Pro.

Back to the topic, if you love your country so much and you would like to tell the world where is it you are from, by adding your countries logo to your FaceBook profile, then follow these simple guides.

1.    Login to your FaceBook Account and Visit this Link It will take you to Profile Picture Frames. From there you can search fro anything you want to use as your Picture frame. Like places, countries, football clubs, etc.

2.    Select “Use frame.”  And then click on next.

3.    Finally, do what changes you want to do, like cropping, re-sizing etc and then click on DONE.

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