Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How To Add Valentine's Day Effects To Blogger

Valentine's day which is celebrated on the 14th of every month is a date the world keeps and never fails to recognize yearly. Some say it's the month for/of lovers, others say it's the month of Love, but in all different understanding and approach, we can all agree to liking February to one thing, and that is love.

Valentines day effects, Valentines day codes

So if you are a fellow blogger, who wishes to add a little extra spice of look to your blog for your readers, I invite to try this Valentine's day heart effect. But before ou does that, I would like to remind you that adding this effect might slow down your blog's speed from 3 to 5%. You can always remove it when ever you want.

How To Add Valentine's Day Effects To Blogger
1.    Login to your Blogger dashboard

2.    Click on Template, then Edit HTML

3.    Locate your Closing </head> tag and then paste this code directly above it.

4.    Find the 2 of the IMAGE URL HERE and then replace them with

4.    Save your template and reload your blog to view the magic

5.    Tell me if it worked for you so that we will share the Love together... Happy Valentines Day!!

Click here to download the Javascript code

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