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How I Got Glo 6GB Data For 1K

If you are a very active internet user, it is expected that the huge cost of internet data is definitely something of concern to you. It is true that things have gotten a whole lot better; at least I no more have to spend between #10,000 to #12,000 monthly for my data subscriptions, but there are times when you need so much data that you cannot help searching for a cheap internet data bundle. 

The fact is that while data cost has actually crashed considerably compared to what was obtainable previously, more and more content are available that demand for huge data consumption such as movie series, firmware or ROM(s) for phones and tablets, online training courses, phone and tablet application upgrades, computer software downloads and upgrades, etc. Such was the case recently when I needed to download the firmware for my Cube I work'8 dual boot tablet. I searched out the ROM or firmware on need room and behold, it was a huge 4.78gb. I knew immediately that something had to be done. That was how I searched again till I found the best and the cheapest internet data bundle in Nigeria that gives you up to 6gb of data for only #1,000. Or 3gb of data for only #500 and you can use it all day!

How to get 6GB data for #1,000 no tricks! Cheapest data plan in Nigeria.
This data plan is the cheapest data plan in Nigeria, and definitely, the best option for those with huge data needs whether for firmware or ROM downloads or movie downloads, software and application downloads, etc. it is called the Thank God it's Friday bundle (TGIF bundle) or #500 weekend bundle from Glo. This data plan from the grand masters of data gives you a huge 3gb data valid for 7 days for just #500. But I said 6gb data for N1,000 so what am I saying now? Don't worry follow along and I will tell you all you need to know. But for now, let us look at

subscription is simple.
1. simply recharge your Glo line with N500 only or just ensure you have up to N500 on your Glo line
2. Dial *127*61# and send to subscribe, and you are good to go!
3. Your line will be credited with 3gb data, and you can check your data balance by dialing *127*0#
Here are some interesting facts about this data plan.
1.   When you subscribe to this plan, from 12 midnight of Friday, any other data plan you have on your line is automatically paused! This is very important because you want to use the plan for your high data task over the weekend and not your normal data subscription. This means that you can have the regular N1,000 (3.2gb data valid for 30 days *127*53#) or N2,000 (7.5gb data valid for 30days *127*55#) data plan on your line and use the TGIF bundle to stream and download as you want at the same time without affecting the balance on those subscriptions. refer to the second image on this blog post to see exactly what I mean. However, by 00:00am of Monday, the TGIF bundle is now paused and your browsing activities are now billed from your normal subscription.

Validity:   The validity period of this data subscription is another interesting thing about it. let us say you Subscribe today Sunday 19th February, 2017, the data will expire midnight on Sunday 26th February 2017. technically, that means that you have used it for about two weekends! viz Sunday, Saturday and Sunday again.

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