Friday, February 24, 2017

Google Allo is Getting Desktop Client

When Google launched Allo towards the end of 2016, many people downloaded the app, but unfortunately, they were disappointed about it. So after some weeks, Allo started dropping in the play store, and the ranking kept on reducing. Some say it was because it didn't have a desktop version, while some said it's Whatsapp has won the hearts of many.

Google allo desktop

Nevertheless, Google isn't relenting on making the app better everyday, and hopefully, the growth will increase again. Things got more excited when Nick Fox of Google shared a screenshot of Google Allo running on desktop with 2 hashtags #Google #SneakPeek

From the screenshot shared by Nick, it very well looks like Google will be doing with Allo, what WhatsApp did by offering a web client that runs only on desktop browser, which can be accessed by visiting a dedicated web link, before rolling out a full-fledged desktop app.

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However, it is still uncertain if the web client of Google Allo will be an extension of its mobile version (just like in the case of WhatsApp). Or if Google will remove the one device limit and make one Allo account usable on two devices at the same time. It was also noted that the desktop client of Google Allo is still in its early development stage and is not yet available for public/general use.

It is sad that Allo plummeted after some weeks of launch, and there is no certainty if the introduction of the desktop client will make users start making use of the app again. As of now, there is no option for restoring messages when switching between devices, and also, the app lacks SMS integration as well as call service. 

So I guess the question now is, do you think Allo will still rise again? Especially now WhatsApp is steadily releasing updates with new cool features back-to-back.

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