Monday, February 13, 2017

Get Fully Customized And Responsive Blogger Template

Starting up a blog keeping it up and running really entails a lot. It involves more than just writing articles and putting it on the web for the world to read and either appreciate or scrutinize. As a young blogger who has knowledge of what blogging is all about, you'll be faced with many challenges, starting with getting and publishing unique content, SEO optimizing your blog and posts, down to designing a blogger template or customizing one. All these and more are the hard steps that await every newbie, (even for those that have a standby teacher). blog template download

So with all that challenges in mind, we at has decided to use this Valentine's period to extend our supports to every newbie blogger or blogger aspirant. We are giving away our fully SEO customized and responsive Awesome Inc. blogger template Free Of Charge. blogger template is loaded with excellent blogger features such as:

1.    Fully SEO optimized
2.    Fully responsive, it can fit into any device be it mobile or PC.
3.    Supports only 1 comment system for now (Blogger)
4.    It has unlimited Ad space for Adsense publishers and Affiliate marketers.
5.    Supports template designer which means that you can make modifications and adjust the layouts as you see fit.
6.    It is already configured to display ads on mobile devices.
7.    Loads faster both on mobile and on PC with either 2G or 3G network.
8.    Supports a fully responsive and customized 404 error page etc blog template download

To minimize abuse of our handwork, we won't be sharing a direct download link to our template, rather any blogger that wants our template should comment by using the comment box or send us an email using the contact form. Finally, our codes are fully open to scrutinization and modification,  feel free to make the changes you want as long as you know your way around HTML and CSS codes. 

This free giveaway is open until 20th February 2017. We will also review your blog free of charge so as to help and enable you to get the most of your efforts as a blogger. Happy valentines day everyone 

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  1. Goodevening Bros...i want to appreciate what you guys are doing. I need the template.

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