Be Informed And Earn: Here is The List Of Known Fake Ponzi Schemes

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Here is The List Of Known Fake Ponzi Schemes

The art of making money honestly not a bad thing, but sometimes what some people engage their selves in, just to get that money is truly inhuman and morally wrong. It current economic state of Nigeria make Nigeria a fertile ground for some or most of these schemes to grow and thrive. I could remember in the previous regime, Ponzis have been in existence, but very few people actually cared about them because things weren't so hard half a decade ago compared to how hard they are now.

fake ponzi in Nigeria

Because of this unpleasant situation, some people decided to use it as an opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others, while some want to seize the opportunity and inflict more pains to the lives of others. 

A few days ago, I talked about Fake Ponzis and how to identify them, but I never really mentioned the names, so today, you're going to learn the names of several Ponzi schemes which has been reported by several Nigerians on several platforms to be fake. You are strongly advised not to trade with any of these schemes if your money is of any value to you.

These Are the List Of Ponzi Schemes that have been marked as fake and Scam because several users invested but never got the returns of their investments.

====>>>>    Pay donor
====>>>>    O give
====>>>>    Samapay
====>>>>    Money box
====>>>>    Joyful donor
====>>>>    Quick money
====>>>>    Helping community
====>>>>    Paydoublers
====>>>>    Help forum
====>>>>    Nairapayout
====>>>>    Greenspeer
====>>>>    Help community
====>>>>    Spring cash
====>>>>    Cashblaze
====>>>>    Our social wallet
====>>>>    Kaynation
====>>>>    Divine fund
====>>>>    Double Cash
====>>>>    Fund Niche
====>>>>    Paycycler
====>>>>    Peer to peer
====>>>>    Thriftonweb
====>>>>    Paymepayyou
====>>>>    Oil pot exchange
====>>>>    Ncycler
====>>>>    smile2charity
====>>>>    Nairapropeller
====>>>>    Farewealth
====>>>>    SureCash
====>>>>    Digital Portal CLUB
====>>>>    Citifund
====>>>>    Cashgram
====>>>>    Valcash
====>>>>    Mycashlounge
====>>>>    Cashkay

Reports are claiming that MMM-Nigeria has commenced payment, but I not gotten any solid confirmation about the payment. However, Twinkas and Claritta have been proved to pay their users without any second story.

Final Words: 
Nothing ventured, Nothing gained. Trading with any of these schemes (even with the ones that have been proven to be paying) is solely at your own risk. No one will be held responsible if you experience stories that affect the heart. Be wise, be smart, trade carefully.

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  1. Enter your comment...donation reward is not fake it's still paying even now


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