Saturday, February 18, 2017

FaceApp Lets You Transform Your Face Using Artificial Intelligence

Apparently, there is a new app in town that does wonders with your face just by tapping a few buttons, and it is called FaceApp. It doesn’t like mean and serious faces so it allows you to spice up yourself just a little further. Thanks to the Neural Network for this wonderful AI-backed app which reminds me a lot about Prisma App. FaceApp was initially exclusive to iPhone users, but now it available to Android users as well.

What Effects Can I Do With FaceApp?
With FaceApp, you can add many effects to your photos with just one tap! Such effects are:

-     Add beautiful smile

-     Get younger or older

-     Change your gender

-     Become more attractive plus many other effects. etc.

To get the app, simply open your Google AppStore and search for FaceApp.

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